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Covid-19 vaccine expected in January 2021 in the US

There were speculations from the US president that the coronavirus vaccine would be available from the of October, however, according to an official from Donald Trump administration the accessibility of the vaccination can be anticipated in the US from January 2021. This comes amid a growing, bipartisan chorus of lawmakers, experts and public health officials saying the country is ill-prepared for a projected winter surge of Covid-19.

This information is raging during the times when the opposition parties along with public health experts are claiming that the country is not well-prepared for the outbreak of Covid-19 during the winter season. Further, by sending an email Dr Robert Kadlec, Department of Health and Human Services’ assistant secretary of preparedness and response, said “is accelerating production of safe and effective vaccines … to ensure delivery starting January 2021,” He even said that the vaccine might get approved by the end of 2020 but may take time to be distributed.

Notably, in last month’s press briefing at White House, Trump said, “We think we can start sometime in October”. And, to counter Trump’s statement Kadlec was not the first health official. Alex Azar, who is Health and Human Services Secretary, had said that by the end of this year 100 million doses of the vaccine will be available. Apart from this, putting forward the government’s vaccine efforts, Dr Moncef Slaoui said that researchers could know about it, “by late October, or November, or in December.”

On being asked about the inconsistency, the exact date was not confirmed by the White House but claimed that Donald Trump’s main concern is to allocate the vaccine “as soon as possible.”


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